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To become a staff member Empty To become a staff member

Post by The Drum Guy on Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:08 am

Fill out one of these forms.
For normal members:
A * before a field indicates that an administrator will be checking this item against records.
Position applying for: Moderator/Super Moderator/Mail Checker/Mail Answerer
*Date registered:
What have you done to help our forums?
Have you moderated any other forums? If so, please say where, and give a link.
Why do you think you should be a staff member?
For moderators:

Position applying for: Super Moderator/Newsletter Writer/Mail Checker/Mail Answerer/Admin Adviser
*Why do you think you should be promoted?
Description of jobs:
Moderator: You will watch forums for posts that are breaking the rules.
Super Moderator: You are the highest and most powerful moderator on the forum.
Newsletter Writer: You write newsletters and send them out to the members of the forum once a week.
Mail Checker: You will check our forum's e-mails. If a different person is the Mail Answerer, you will then forward the e-mails to them sot hey can answer them.
Mail Answerer: You will answer the forum's e-mails. (Note that if you are applying for Mail Checker, you may also receive this position.)

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